Monday, May 1, 2017

Featured Client - Park Beach Child Care!

"We wanted to create an inviting and stimulating environment, so we collected our team of experts and set them to play."

After opening their service in Coffs Harbour in 2008, the Park Beach Child Care Centre strives to create a meaningful play-based learning environment where every child, their family and the community is valued and respected.

They approached us wanting to increase their online presence, and we were more than happy to help by developing a modern and creative website, check it out here:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Featured Client: Coffs Coast BWN

"We offer support, training and networking opportunities in various ways.  But most importantly, we have a lot of fun while we do it!"

The Coffs Coast Business Womens Network (BWN) was established to assist business women in the local area to promote and expand their businesses. 
As part of the service to the local community, BWN are affiliated with various local organisations that can provide support for your business.  This could be in the form of general business advice, financial advice or assistance with recruitment.
Coffs Coast BWN provide valuable information and training sessions on various topics related to business and marketing.  Their training sessions are regularly attended by keynote speakers who share their experience with their members.
Business networking is the basis for their existence.  BWN offer regular networking opportunities in the form of events and social gatherings.  These events also provide fundraising opportunities for BWN, to enable Them to continue the valuable service theyoffer to the community.

PO Box 1828
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Tel: Jacqui 0421 971 155

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Featured Client - Prestige Electrical

At Prestige Electrical we like to prove our self with exceptionally high standards of customer service, prompt response times and first class  quality workmanship. Our attention to detail is like no other to ensure your electrical expectations are met in a timely, professional and high quality manner.”

With a family full of electricians spanning for more than 70 years Prestige Electrical have the knowledge and experience
to ensure your electrical installation is performed correctly and safely the first time with a 100% satisfaction and guarantee.

7 McIntyre Ct Mudgeeraba
QLD, 4213 Australia

0431 134 999

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Featured Client - Lee Gentle Photography

“I love the way she can capture a scene and know exactly what it’s going to look like”

In the mid 1980s Lee took up a position in a camera store, where she was trained to develop and print film in a mini lab acquiring a keen eye for colour and textures at the same time. Her boss, a professional photographer, encouraged her passion by mentoring her in composition, natural lighting techniques and black and white photography.
“Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious.”
After purchasing a digital camera in 2005, Lee promptly won some local awards for her photograph of her own children and a homeless woman named Sasha, and her passion for photography was re-ignited.
When she isn’t working in her professional job or behind the camera (if you could call it work), Lee keeps busy on the land, a productive banana plantation, with her husband, two young children, their two dogs, a brood of free range hens and a turtle named Lucy.
Lee is based in Bonville NSW and will travel within New South Wales and Queensland.

0409 921 505

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We're Back!

And Updated.

It’s been over 6 months since our last post, and it’s become a bit inactive here. Well, that’s changing. We’ve updated the blog to look much nicer and if you have any suggestions to make it look better please tell us. We hope to keep this pretty active from now on.

We apologise for being so quiet, we’ve been very busy and haven’t found the time to properly fix this place up. We really do enjoy any feedback we get, whether it be criticism, complimentary, anything constructive. It helps us update sites like this and also helps us be a better business and be more connected to the community.

You can expect some new posts plus two client features from
Lee Gentle Photography and Prestige Electrical (you can check out both of their websites on our portfolio) and we have some pretty interesting things coming!

Thanks for sticking around. We hope you enjoy some new posts